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(Scene: A father and his son playing "throw-and-catch")
(场景: 一位父亲和儿子玩丢接球游戏)

Narrator: They appear to be a perfect family
旁白: 他们看起来像是一个完美的家庭

(Scene: bedtime story)
(场景: 床边故事)

Father: Export all OLE objects with the command line
父: 以命令行输出所有的OLE对象

Father: So that they will be available for Internet information
父: 所以它们能为因特网信息所用

Son: Dad?
子: 爸爸?

Narrotor: But sometimes appearances can be deceiving.
旁白: 但是有些时候外表是假象

Son: Why do we always use .Net?
子: 为什么我们总是使用.Net?

Father: What do you mean?
父: 你说什么?

Son: Are there no other developing platforms?
子: 没有其它的发展平台吗?

Father: I think it's time for you to go to sleep!
父: 我想你该睡了!

Narrator: As a young boy discovers a new world unfolding
旁白: 当一个年轻小伙子发现一个新世界就此展开

(Scene: Son's growth)
(场景: 儿子的成长)

Son & Peer: Look how beautiful, robust, secure, portable, and scalable it is!
儿子与伙伴: 看到没! 它多漂亮、坚固、安全、可携带性和可扩展性!

Father: Hey, what are you guys up to?
父: 嗨, 你们这些家伙在干嘛?

Son: We are just enjoying some porn.
子: 我们只是在看色情影片.

Father: Hope you're not doing Java and open source...
父: 希望你们不要弄些Java和开源的东西...

Son & peer: No!
儿子与伙伴: 没!

Father: Good!
父: 很好!

Narrator: For being young is all about experimenting
旁白: 因为年轻就是要不断试验

Father: What are you doing in there?
父: 你在里面做什么?

Son: Nothing!
子: 啥都没!

Father: Hello?
父: 哈啰?

Son: Yeah, I'm almost done!
子: 耶, 我快好了!

(Scene: Christmas Dinner, son's confession, and father's death)
(场景: 圣诞节晚餐, 儿子的告白, 和父亲的死)

Family: Merry Christmas!
(全家: 圣诞快乐!)

Narrotor: But a secret can't stay a secret forever...
旁白: 但是秘密没有办法永久是秘密...

Son: Dad...
子: 爸爸...

Son: Mom..I have a confession to make.
子: 妈妈..我有事要坦白.

Son: I use Java!
子: 我用Java!

Father: What the hell are you talking about?
父: 你说什么鬼啊?

Son: I want to use a programming language which doesn't only run in Windows.
子: 我要使用不单单只是在Windows中跑的程序语言.

Father: That's just wrong!
父: 那是大错特错!

Son: Portability has never been a priority for Microsoft, and you know it.
子: 可移植性从来不是微软优先考虑的, 你是知道的.

Mother: My son is a monster!
母: 我儿子是怪物!

The java Post: "One of the most compelling dramas for our time..."
Java邮报: "一个属于我们年代最惊天动地的戏剧..."

Father: Microsoft gives us net based applications...
父: Microsoft给了我们网上应用程序...

Father: that share information with other applications via web servers.
父: 可以经由网站服务器和其它应用程序分享信息.

Wired: "Truly gripping..."
联机杂志: "实在扣人心弦..."

Father: They actually enable us to send XML-messages...
父: 它们实在可以让我们传送XML-讯息...

Father: ...through SOAP! Through SOAP!
父:...藉由SOAP! 藉由SOAP!

Son: Shouldn't you be able to make your own choices, based on your own needs?
子: 你难道不该可以基于你自己的需求做自己的选择吗?

(Scene: The father ripps off his son's shirt and sees a tattoo of an arrow heart with Java on it. The father faints away and dies)
(场景:父亲扯掉儿子的衬衫, 看到一个一箭穿心的刺青, 心上还些个Java. 父亲昏倒死掉了)

Son: Dad?
子: 爸?

James Gosling: "...a masterpiece!"
James Gosling(Java之父): "...旷世之作!"

(Scene: The graveyard, the son's grievous confession, and the hot girl.)
(场景: 墓园、儿子的哀伤告白和辣妹.)

Narrotor: But sometimes the truth comes with the terrible price.
旁白: 但是, 有时候真相带来可怕的代价.

Son: Maybe you were right, dad.
子: 也许你曾是对的, 爸.

(Epitaph: John Johnsen, 1951-2011, Where do you want to go today?)
(碑文: John Johnsen, 1951-2011, 今天你想往哪儿?)

Son: Maybe .NET is better than Java.
子: 也许.NET是比Java好.

Son: Maybe it's easier if Microsoft sets the standard...
子: 也许那会(生命)会轻松些, 如果Microsof定下了标准...

Hot girl: Java is far better!
辣妹: Java是大大的好!

Hot girl: You can do fine tuning and balancing which you can't do with Microsoft.
辣妹: 你可以做超好的优化和负载平衡, 这些是你无法以Microsoft做到的.

Hot girls: Java is the future!
辣妹: Java是未来!

Narrotor: From a clean director of JAVATAR and .NOT
旁白: 来自JAVATAR and .NOT的一个无懈可击的导演.

Narrotor: starring Eddie Larrison, Scala Johansson, two-time-golden-doo winner William Windows
旁白: Eddie Larrison、Scalla Johansson和两度金愚奖得主William Windows领衔主演

Father: Goddammit!
父: (粗口)

Narrotor: and a compelling performance by Mona Lisa Harddrive
旁白: 和Mona Lisa Harddrive的优异演出

Narrotor: and introduing Lenny Linux
旁白: 在此介绍Lenny Linux

Narrotor: Java 4-ever
旁白: Java永生!