foobar2000 v1.0 beta 2a 最新版下载

2009/11/28 10:34:17    编辑:软媒 - 笨笨     字体:【

Win7之家 v1.0 beta 2a 最新版下载

在n年之后版本号终于达到1.0之后,foobar2000再接再厉,又推出了 1.0 beta 2a 的版本,坦白的说,这个版本号,还是够复杂的。


* New: Converter encodes to .m4a rather than to .mp4.
* New: Notices for components that no longer serve any purpose.
* Bug: Certain ASX playlist files are not parsed properly.
* Bug: Unwanted playlist view scrolling when deleting items in certain scenarios.
* Bug: cannot bind context menu commands to toolbar buttons.
* Bug: "initialization failure" errors when making a clean non-portable install rather than upgrading from an earlier version.
* Bug: possible unnecessary tag reloads on Media Library contents on startup.
* Bug: doubleclicking the Selection Properties element no longer brings up the Properties dialog.

官方下载:foobar2000 v1.0 beta 2a (官方有够BT的,下载竟然是BT种子方式)