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-- 2009-05-22: Version 1.8.3 (build 15520)
- Feature: New installer with EULA, file association
- Fix: uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks
- Fix: copying long filenames to the clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash
- Fix: create torrent layout
- Fix: fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents
- Change: torrent whose "Force Recheck" is greyed out will not recheck when asked through multi-torrent selections
- Fix: when adding torrents through URLs via commandline, we would always open the add torrent dialog
- Fix: handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don't end with a slash
- Fix: make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents
- Fix: setup Vista firewall
- Fix: remove settings on Vista during un-installation